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The current position:HOMESERVICES》Service commitment
一、Strict implementation of five service commitments
        (1) Implement system of working 5 plus 2 days a week and provide 24 hours of business handling service;澳门太阳城集团官网
        (2) Implement regional routes manager responsibility system and timely answer customers  problems; Help customers solve the
             difficulties, try to improve the ship loading rate and not alert the stowage plans;
        (3) Carry out ‘one-place’ service in which all business are centralized to be settled within limited time.
        (4) Implement first inquire responsibility system and give sincere answers to the problems put forward by customers;   public the
             business operation process and turn down any gifts from customers.
        (5) Guarantee punctuality of sailing date and ensure sailing safety and cargo safety.
二、service rules and regulations
        (1) Timely publish sailing schedules and freight rate and promptly notice customers when they are changed.
        (2) Set regional routes manager system, ensuring booking space quickly and conveniently and the time of business transaction
             within half an hour.
        (3) Once booking checked, spare containers are guaranteed to be taken.
        (4) After Container is in port, it will be tracked within 24 hours until it is discharged in the destination port.澳门太阳城集团2007
        (5) The bill of lading is signed timely and clearly and can be fetched one day after sailing.
        (6) Customer may noticed in 24 hours if the container cannot be loaded onboard in lack of documents and materials
        (7) If the container cannot be loaded onboard because of stowage, company will operate leakage loaded freely for  customers
             and notice on time the reason.
        (8) Establish specialized customer files, regularly contact and listen to customers’ concerned problems and requirements.
        (9) Except national holidays, company ensures at least one class in sailing schedule every week.
        (10) Guarantee 80 percentage of punctuality of sailing schedule in international lines.
三、Establishment of supervision mechanism
        Through different kinds of medium such as website and booklet, company announces a 24-hour complaint phone. 
        TEL: 65864947 (24-hour); 35308880-8272 (8:45-27:00 from Mon to Fri)

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