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The current position:HOMEVALUE-ADDED 》Integrated Logistics Services
      In addition to river-sea, land-sea, rail-sea inter-modal services, HASCO provides integrated logistics services, which has been highly appreciated by customers since 2002. As to international biding project of CKD, HASCO gives full play to its respective advantage in sea, river and land transport so that cargos can be delivered to customer safely and on time and its logistics line can be guaranteed to be normally all year round.
      HASCO is one of the earliest shipping lines engaged in providing bonded inland transportation service as early as 1999. By Apr 2005, HASCO has built up network connecting Kunshan, Suzhou, Wujiang, Wuxi, Taicang, Hangzhou, Xiaoshan and etc and has become the designed provider of bonded inland transportation service for AU Optronics, Giant and Asus. Taking the advantages of Shanghai port, company commits that we are able to deliver the container to customers’ factories according to consignees’ demand as soon as the second day after the ship arrives Shanghai port. Therefore, with high quality service and rapid speed of delivery we are widely acknowledged and recognized by customers.
     Relying on the advantages of Shanghai Port and our investment company Jihai Shipping Company, HASCO has successively developed Yangtze river feeder service network covering Zhenjiang, Taicang, Wuhu, Wuhan, Jiujiang, Changsha and Chongqing and has become the designed service carriers for large enterprises such as Dongfeng Nissan. HASCO will further develop its Yangtze River feeder service network, thus providing better and wider service.                  


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